Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2008

Break the silence

Two month not a single word ? Yeah, I know...
I wasn´t into the toolset a lot, since I work with another editor the whole day at the company. And besides all the bugs this editor has, it´s very fast to work with when it comes to placing objects. Besides that, my company has started to work in (light) crunchtime since May. So, I had no time to go on with my module. And chances I will finish it in this century are rare. Maybe the toolset is not the best tool for me to realise what I have in mind ?
Anyways.. I want to play NWN2 modules with visuals I like, but I can´t make my own game right now. So I have decided to share all my sources and areas as presets time after time and hopefully this great NWN community can use them and make some stunning modules with my sources !

Thanks to the poeple over at Bouncy Rock for giving me food for thought !

I think I will start with the release of my custom texture and brush sets along with some weather settings in the first place. I will posts further details the next days. For now I leave you with a weather setting I am currently working on (which will also be released). After all the sunshine I have previously done, I wanted to make some bad and misty weather. I´m testing it in a dark and spooky forrest. Here are the results for sunrise (of course!) and daytime:

Hope you like them ! I´m going to finetune them now and move on with the sundown and night settings.
By the way... does anyone knows a way to change the weather in one area over time ? Load different weather settings with a script or something ?