Dienstag, 26. August 2008

Non NWN2 commercial break for IDVINC

Heya all ! Waiting for the prefabs ? Yeah, me too :)

Again, I´m a little late with my stuff. All files are ready for upload, all pictures for the tutorials captured and the webspace cleaned up. The only thing left is writing the tutorials (I could need a beta tester for this... anyone interested ?)

But this time I have a good excuse for the delay. I had the opportunity to do some project work for IDVINC (the makers of speed tree). So I´ve setup a little river scene in 3D Max, only using one sunlight source and one tree variation. This should provide a "ingame" look. It took the whole weekend, but I think it was worth it. Here are some of the results I would like to show of today:

You can find some more pictures on the speedtree gallery website.

So, enough for this little side project. I´m going back to the prefab website right now because I´m so eager to finish the stuff asap !!


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

Those screenshots are amazing!

If I can do something like thatafter going through your tutorial, I will be happy. :)

Did you need a beta tester to test your tutorial? If yes, then I am happy to try to follow some instructions to build an area.

Contact me at my blog if that is what you were after.


Ayrin hat gesagt…

Yes, I could need a little help to test the tutorials using my textures. And mainly to rewrite them in a proper and readable english :) Currently there are ony two of them, so it won´t take long. Besides that, I´m not sure if I might miss some important points. Thanks for your offer Lance, I will contact you tomorrow.

Liso hat gesagt…

oh my goodness!

Have you been re-creating the engine or something? Those are breath taking!!

awesome work Ayrin!!!


Ayrin hat gesagt…

Hehe... just to get this right... these shots are not from the NWN2 engine (that´s why I changed the headline of this post.. but maybe to late.) These are 3D Max renderings. But I have just used one sunlight to get as close to "ingame" as it gets.
Sorry to disappoint you in this, Liso :)

Josh hat gesagt…

Oh, she knew Ayrin. She just used some funky wording to say its awesome!

And you never cease to amaze me, Ayrin. If you had not said what they were, I would've figured out they weren't NWN2 due to the water and the fire VFX. I kind of doubt those two are even achievable in NWN2 :)

Liso hat gesagt…

**funky wording**

ermm yeah I guess I did. I would still love to see how they actually look in the engine and see what does turn out. :)

Ayrin hat gesagt…

hehe.... funky wording :) Well, thanks for that !

Yes, Josh... the speedtree lightnig in max is pretty smooth. Sadly the toolset quality is not nearly close to that. But acutally I did copy the area from the pictures to own of my upcoming areas. I maybe try to use the same textures. I´m also curious how this will look in the toolset.
of course I will then post some shots :)

dirtywick hat gesagt…

I will test for you.

Frank Perez hat gesagt…

Man, that's impressive! Your scenes look very realistic. Seeing these images makes me doubly happy that you're uploading your areas at the Vault. :)

Ayrin hat gesagt…

Thanks Frank !
But are you talking about the speed tree project I did for IDVINC ? Because these scenes are done in 3D Max and not in the toolset.

No update this week, since I had some family affairs that kept me busy the whole week.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…


It's been a while. Everything OK?


Anonym hat gesagt…

I'd love to know if this is going to be released to the NWN2 community.

Anonym hat gesagt…

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ark console commands hat gesagt…

What video is this from?!? I need to watch this video... I didn't know there were two commercial breaks!!!! We need more commercials!!!