Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

Hard days night

Just a quick wednesday update. Grimm is coming a long very good with the 14 indoor areas for the island. Great job so far !
I have set up a little area in a hurry yesterday. I want to use the steps I have been trough as a tutorial how to paint with my textures, basic area layout and color painting. On the left you can see the centerpiece, just some old farmhouse . There is also a river and a grassy part in this area.
I´m now going to write down the steps. After that I will feed the webpage with some content and setup the daycycle files ready for download. But I won´t finish this until the weekend. So, just a little delay. But after everything is setup once I will release some more stuff on weekly bases.

Going back to work now...


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

This tutorial sounds great!

And the screenshot of your "hurried" area looks better than all of my areas when I have spent ages. ;)

I look forward to reading it. :)


Ayrin hat gesagt…

I am not so happy with this area, but it will work quit good as a tutorial area.
I have splitted the tutorial into two. The first one will be about "painting a path using my textures" :), while the second one focus on the whole area and how to do a propper setup for it.
There is so much I could write about (using YATT for example or how to paint a heightmap), but these are all things I just "do". It´s hard to write down the single steps. Maybe this something I will do in the future.

Jclef hat gesagt…

Very exciting stuff, Ayrin - I'm greatly looking forward to checking out your submission!

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

I did download the YATT, but did not have a clue how to even start, and so if you did manage to do this in the future, then I would grab that as well. :)

Sometimes, even a tutorial saying how to start using a program is welcome. I will wait and welcome whatever you can do. :)


ark santa hat hat gesagt…

first to comment❤❤❤ I love team ten and Jake Paul and everyone❤❤❤ keep smiling😁 I'll see you paulers later "cuz it's everyday bro, peace"- Jake Paul ❤