Montag, 11. August 2008

Teasing the teaser

Heya everyone...! I´m back in the civilized world after a fantastic weekend on a rocking festival near my hometown here in germany.

Today I have started with the finishing touches of the first prefab area I want to release. It is a small island on the coast of Eden. It is yet very detailed, but a lot of painting is left to do. There is also a need for placing some objects in the village and finishing two (outdoor) caves. Anyways... I think I´m still a little drunk, so I made a teaser image of the area for the webpage tonight instead of fighting with the toolset. This might give you small (!) impressions of what to expect. You could also download this old video to see some moving pictures :)

And when it comes to details, I could need a little help to save some time: If someone is interested to do some interior design for the village and some other houses or caves... drop me a line :) Or would it be better not to place anything and let the modders do this ? I am not sure about this right now.

Anyways... tomorrow I will finish tweaking the textures and the 2da file for them. Hopefully I have the time this week to get the webpage running. I´m planning to release the first files within the weekend or the next week (depending if there is a possibility to visit another festival).
You see, things are going along quit well and I´m really looking forward to release something after all these months fighting with my ideas / time / the toolset. And mainly I am looking forward what other people will do with my stuff.

Until then... keep on rocking in a free world !


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

Hi Ayrin,

Who did you see at the concert?

I'm downloading the video now. :)

I forgot to add that I thought your 'interactive map' was excellent by the way.

Are you saying that all the screenshots are from one area? How big is the area?

Suffice to say, they are gorgeous as ever. :)


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

Hi Ayrin,

Is the video supposed to stop above "Land's End" after 15 seconds or so? If not, then either the video file is corrupt, or my player is broken. :( The latter is possible, as I have had some computer problems over the last couple of days and had to reinstall the player.

Just thought you muight like to double check it and let me know.



Ayrin hat gesagt…

Hi Lance,

I´ve been to that festival mainly to see Kula Shaker (which was great!). I also was looking forward to see Kate Nash, but I was a little bit disapointed by her performance. You can get a look at the programm here:
But the best thing on this festival was to be with all my friends for a weekend, hanging around, playing guitar and having fun :)

As for the video: It works on my PC. You need the divx 5 codec. But you say it stops, so this shouldn´t be the problem. Maybe try another player ? Not quit sure...

I´m glad you like the map (which I haven´t updated in a year). It´s for my own inspiration in the first place. I hope to add some more place when I start to release the prefab areas.

And yes, this is one 32x32 area. I tried to get a lot of small but detailed spots to avoid these anoing loading times. The shots are only from "on surface". In the release there will be at least 2 big caves and hopefully some other interiors.
Hope you could get this video to work (despite of it´s quit old and only shows some of the features). I´m going to make a new one without that shaky cam sometime.

Jclef hat gesagt…


Q,P and T are my favorite.

Wow, Ayrin, these pictures looks so beautiful!


AmstradHero hat gesagt…

Your work looks beautiful as always. Revisiting this island as was in your first teaser trailer a while ago will be a delight, there is no doubt about it. Your artistic talents definitely shine through in the construction of the area, and I know your work will be soundly appreciated.

Wyrin hat gesagt…

beautiful work, and great use of colours

great to see how this turns out!

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

Hi Ayrin,

I also had to reinstall the DivX codec. The one I had installed was a slightly older version of v5.0.1. I updated it to v5.0.5 and everything ran fine. (The very latest version does not appear to give free encoding, so I won't bother with that version.)

I think my computer is almost back to a reasonable health again now.


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) hat gesagt…

Hi Again,

In my haste to let you know I saw your video, I forgot to say how good it was!

Absolutely fantastic scenery!

A great job. How long did that area take you to build?


Ayrin hat gesagt…

Thanks Lance ! I´m glad you this video running (and your PC as well).

Well, this island took a lot of time (3/4 year I bet). But it was more an evolution and a testing ground with no exact idea what to build in particular. I started with the path on the coast and then ask myself where this road could take me. And so it went on :) I also did some major redesigns on certain areas (the village initially does not exist).
I guess with my lessons learned in the toolset and a exact vision I could build such a island in about a month.

Trevor hat gesagt…

Wow! Your work is 10 out 10! I can only hope to be as good as you one day. I am a big fan and will follow your blog closely. :)

Frank Perez hat gesagt…

Wow, this place is huge. The sub-areas are beautiful, too. I can hardly wait to download the entire thing. :)

Trevor hat gesagt…

Hi again! Lol

I am now visting your blog with my cell phone. :)

I read your creating your own web page. Could it have a forum page for people to post on? I have fantistic idea's but my skills at designing arn't were I want them to be at (I am working at it though), also I have no clue on how to script (working on that as well). A place on your would be of great encouragement to me and others. XD

Trevor hat gesagt…

Oh one more thing. I downloaded the video, awesum! I really like your exterior interior cave design! Now thats thinking out the box. I accually don't know why the game caves arn't like that...

I am looking forward to the new nwn2 (Storm... Something, new prefix is NX2). I read Obsidion web site that it has alot of updates done to the nwn2 map editor, which is great for us map designers. XD

Ayrin hat gesagt…

hi everyone !
great to get such a response! I am working very hard to get things done.
But I am still not sure wether I should include more indoor areas for the village or not. Maybe I should do a poll about that ?

@frank: Just wait a little longer. I hope it´s worth it.

@Trevor: Thanks and welcome to my blog :) I would like to move over to Bouncy Rock for a forum (if they let me). Not sure if there is a lot to discuss.

Trevor hat gesagt…

Thanks for replying Ayrin, I have allot to say from my side. Thanks very much for the guides. I have saved web page to view it off line now. If I get good at the nwn2 map editor I would love to help you out... maybe with a story line/adventure or something. Anyway I am going to follow the blog and see what happens...

I the mean time I am going to put into practice what I have learnt from your guides. XD