Donnerstag, 7. August 2008

In the making...

I have been quit productive the last week and things are coming along quit well.

I have finished working on my webpage for the prefabs stuff I plan to release. Why build a website for this ?I thought about that too. But I came to to conclusion, that it would be a good idea to show how to use the textures and light settings the best way. Wich textures match the best in a set ? How to paint them "correctly" to get the best results and so on. So, I needed a space for that. And this blog is probably not the best way to do this. I will continue to use it for progress documentation instead.

Anyways... I am currently tweaking the textures for the release. I am not sure if I should release them all at once or in themed packages. That is because I want to include a matching area where I use these textures. And these areas needs a finishing touch before I release them. I think I can give away some more infos the next week along with the first release of a texture pack. Here is a little preview of what you can expect.

I have some few days off now and I am going to a little music festival this weekend. It will be a lot of fun and hopefully I get my head clear so I can go to work more relaxed than I did the last weeks. So, stay tuned and have a nice weekend :)


Lance (World of Althéa) hat gesagt…

Hi Ayrin,

This is a great blog and I am delighted to hear you are going to share the knowledge on how to use textures. You are obvioulsy gifted in this area, and it would be great to learn how to something close to what you have done. :)

I will become a regular reader and keep close eye on stuff you do.


Reyen hat gesagt…

I was just coming here to leave a complement about how much I enjoy your work and prod you for an update, but here is the update! Grand. Looking forward to the textures very much. I end up coming here when I need to draw inspiration for the areas I've been working on.

Keep it up,

E.C.Patterson hat gesagt…

This sounds very promising. I like the idea of the "how-tos". Thanks for doing this.

Ayrin hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot guys ! Your compliments means a lot to me since I haven´t acutally done anything real by now (like you guys) besides of posting a lot of screenshots. But this keeps me looking forward to release all this stuff time after time.

@Reyen: Especially giving inspirations to someone just by taking some fotos makes me quit proud. Thanks for that and I promise to post regular updates in the future :)

Great to have two new readers ! And this reminds me to update my blog linklist the next days, since I visit all those great NWN blogs the whole day when at work (Oh wait,... you haven´t heard this !!)