Sonntag, 17. August 2008

I see strange lights...!

I have finally found a little help with finishing my first prefab area ! Grimm182 signed in to help me with the indoor areas and he is doing a great job ! Thanks a lot for helping me with this !

While I was adding some smallish areas to the island today, I surfed the forums. "973_Mops_379" posted an update of his custom speedtree works (see here). He has released the first version of his shrooms on the vault. He has done some fantastic trees ! I was instanly inspired and decided to mess around with his models and try to make kind of swamp area (inspired by the "Zanga Marshs" in World of Warcraft). In addition to that I did some (strange) lightworks. And I accidently found a way to do self luminous textures. Here are the results:

I´m going back to finish the last few things on the surface of the island. With the help of Grimm I we should be able to finish the prefab in two weeks. As for the textures and the weather states, I will try to release them by Wednesday.

So,well, .... see you next Wednesday :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Awesum! I have got really busy (graphic design assignments) and have had to push my messing around with the nwn2 map editor aside. I am on my cell now and cant veiw the pic's properly yet, can't wait to get to pc now. :)

I look forward to downloading the finish product. The file size must be huge! XD

I went 2 the tress site and you have to pay to use it... There is trial version but that wont last... :( Will download it when I plan to place the trees on my map.

I downloaded the YATT tool but it doesn't work or I didnt put in the right place... Might be because I have updated Nwn2 to v1.13.

Looking forward to your next post and of course wednesday. XD

Ayrin hat gesagt…

Form what I have understood, these are just modified trees that come with the toolset. Of course you have to pay to use speedtree in a comercial product. But I know the guys are quit relaxed when it comes to "showcase" content for their products.

YATT still seems to work with 1.12. I haven´t upgraded yet and everything is working fine. Hope they will patch this sometime.

As for the filesize: I have just send Grimm a version along with alle textures and stuff. The file was about 70 MB zipped. Let´s see how big it gets with the additional indoor areas.

Liso hat gesagt…

Ayrin. those are so crazy cool looking!

I could see those being used in a dream sequence or nightmares! hehe nifty color and lighting!


trevor hat gesagt…

Wow that is beautiful I really like the mushrooms, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I lighting effects are awesome... Could you please include how you added that effect on your next edition of Hitch Hikers Guide.

I was wondering, are any of those effects shown different or are they the same just shown at different times?

Ayrin hat gesagt…

Thanks Trevor!
I think I will write down some tips & tricks in my tutorial section the upcoming page. This would be the best place for things like special effects etc.
The glow is basically about having nearly no skylight and high contrast lights over two different textures. I will go into detail once.